FAQ for Our Guided Hikes in the Dolomites

Why hike with us?

Because we’re locals. We’re always here to offer quality and local knowledge, and an unforgettable hiking experience. Day-in and day-out, its a promise. We’re here.

Agner sunrise during our Guided Hikes in the Dolomites

What’s so special about the Dolomites?

Every place is special in its own way. We just happen to have grown attached to this area for its sheer beauty, the varied alpine culture, the fantastic food and world-renowned wines such as Prosecco. Besides, we know where to find these special places IN the Dolomites!

Who are you guys anyway?

We operate exclusively in the Dolomites where we live. We also happen to know an excellent quiet little restaurant for great local food, some top-notch wineries along the way and a few people who make really good cheese!

How do I book? and when, and how much do I have to pay?

Fill in this handy form to inquire or to book. Or contact us. We will send you a registration form to fill out and ask you for a 30% deposit.
Preferred method of payment is by wire transfer, for PayPal users please add €200 fee charge

What is your refund policy?

The deposit is refundable with a retainer fee of 200 euros should you cancel at any time for up to 60 days prior to the beginning of the hike. At this time the balance is due, and the total payment is no longer refundable. We strongly encourage you to buy separate insurance to cover for any unforeseen events that may force you to cancel.

What are the trail conditions like right now?

Link to our local source of current weather conditions where you’ll find the most reliable information and forecast

What should I bring?

You can download a complete equipment list here.

Can I use the photos or articles on your site?

You can reference material on the site as long as you link back to the original url. If you wish to use an entire article, you must obtain prior permission (an email will do). You may use our photos royalty-free but you must obtain prior permission, and they must also link back to the original url.

What are your qualifications?

All of our guided trips are led by reputable and fully certified alpine guides and ESA (Suisse) certified hiking guides. We respect the highest standards of safety by recommending highly qualified individuals to accompany you. Our core business is about offering something a bit different. Our combined business and hospitality knowledge comes out of decades of international experience and local knowledge. We also bring in university and graduate-level experience from a diversity of fields, including ecology, geography and anthropology that renders us particularly well equipped as interpreters of the natural and cultural tapestry woven into the Dolomites landscape.

Is this ecotourism?

Ecotourism is a bit of a murky term, so we prefer to call what we do “eco-cultural tourism“. We take a pragmatic stance and we take pride in our approach. Our philosophy is to be respectful and have local impact where we can. We won’t tempt you with carbon offsets. We do seek to involve local guiding cooperatives, including guides trained as environmental interpreters in their own right, offering a more “soft” and “integrated” experience of the landscape. We seek out relationships with local producers and restaurants to make sure you get an authentic culinary experience. We modestly try to add to, and promote a vision for local tourism development that respects people and the landscape. Hopefully you also take home some of our passion for this place, and maybe you’ll get some new ideas for your own place.