Let’s Eat!

When I started WTD eight years ago I had two very clear principles in mind that I wanted to use as a team leader. First, hiking around places I love. Second, offer the opportunity of experiencing the Dolomites as a local would. These guidelines meant sharing great accommodations and great food.

These principles have served me and many enthusiastic hikers from around the world well.

There are plenty of great accommodations in the area, but clearly some are better than others. Besides a clean room with a great bed to sleep in after a long day’s hike, I look for places operated by local owners committed to a distinctive and superior service. I always review all premises before each season starts. I always ensure that high standards are in place.

Food is part of our cultural heritage, and an important part of the WTD experience. Day in and day out the food is first-class throughout the trail, no exceptions. The restaurants we eat at are off the beaten track, but offer truly superior local cuisine and a choice of great wines.

Buon Appetito!